What We Do

Lone Star Transmission actively collaborates with organizations to increase the value we bring the ERCOT region as a Transmission Service Provider


Wind towers behing Lone Star transmission substation

Generation Interconnection Requests

Lone Star strives to provide fast and collaborative generation interconnections to meet developers’ needs and commercial operation dates.

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Lone Star transmission towers by distribution poles.

Serving Customers

We welcome the opportunity to provide transmission facilities needed to interconnect transmission service customers or end-use customers.

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Partnerships and Acquisitions

We foster deals that bring benefit to all stakeholders involved and are always pursuing opportunities to partner with other utilities.



Lone Star Information

Lone Star’s facility connection requirements comply with NERC Reliability Standard FAC-001-1 Facility Connection Requirements and document compliance with NERC Reliability Standards, applicable Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and Lone Star planning criteria and facility connection requirements. Lone Star’s facility connection requirements address functional requirements for:

  • connecting new generation to the Lone Star transmission system;
  • substantially modifying existing generating facilities connected to the Lone Star transmission system;
  • connecting new transmission facilities to the Lone Star transmission system; and
  • connecting new and existing delivery points

See Lone Star Transmission Facility Connection Requirements for detailed information.

ERCOT Generation Interconnection Information

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