Our Company

Lone Star’s core focus is working with our customers to deliver solutions in a timely and effective manner



Since its inception in 2009, Lone Star has focused on delivering industry leading transmission services in ERCOT to both Texans and organizations connected to the Lone Star system.


Technical Expertise

Lone Star’s in-house experts collaborate with partners and affiliates to optimize project design and implementation.


Operational Excellence

Lone Star has the capability and knowledge to own, operate and maintain assets throughout ERCOT.


Construction Track-Record

We have a track record of delivering projects on time and under budget.


Safety Performance

Our safety trackrecord highlights the importance we place on operational excellence and employee well-being.


Partnership Experience

With extensive partnership experience, we aim to actively collaborate with all stakeholders on projects from start to finish.

Lone start donating money to Erath County Fire Rescue.

Community Engagement

We are sensitive to the needs of local communities in which we are located & continuously look for opportunities to assist with their development.


Environmental Stewardship

Being responsible stewards of our environment is ingrained in our culture. We are mindful about how our business impacts our planet.


Financial Capabilities

The strong financial credentials of our parent company make us a reliable partner with the ability to internally finance large projects.



Lone Star Transmission has assembled a diverse team with decades of experience in the energy industry.  Together with our partners and parent company, we strive to deliver for our customers the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective transmission solutions.