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Alternative Terms and Conditions for Products or Services

The Lone Star Transmission Code of Conduct requires us to report if we offer or grant a request for a discount, rebate, fee waiver, or alternative tariff terms and conditions for any product or service to our competitive affiliate.  If so, we must make the same benefit simultaneously available, on a nondiscriminatory basis, to all similarly situated entities.  Lone Star Transmission will post notice on this website for at least 30 consecutive calendar days with the following information:

  • Name of the competitive affiliate involved in the transaction
  • Rate charged
  • Normal rate or tariff condition
  • Period for which the benefit applies
  • Quantities and the delivery points involved in the transaction (if any)
  • Any conditions or requirements applicable to the benefit
  • Documentation of any cost differential underlying the benefit, and
  • Procedures by which non-affiliates may obtain the same benefit

There have been no offers or grants of alternative terms and conditions for products or services to competitive affiliates to report at this time.