Lone Star Transmission | Deviations from the Code of Conduct for Temporary Assignments in Emergency Situations
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Temporary Assignments in Emergency Situations

The Lone Star Transmission Code of Conduct requires us to report employees who may be temporarily assigned to an affiliate or non-affiliated utility to assist in restoring power in the event of a major service interruption or to assist in resolving emergency situations affecting system reliability.  Lone Star Transmission will report this information within 30 days of such an event to the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  This information will remain on this website for 30 consecutive calendar days.

If there are no deviations listed in the table below, there have been no deviations in the last 30 days.


Date Posted:


Date of Deviation:


Nature of the Circumstances Requiring the Deviation:


Actions taken by Lone Star:


Parties Involved: